The Three Common Demon Groups: 

Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion.


When someone is rejected they can experience feelings of bitterness which leads to rebellion against God. The pain and hurt they feel controls their actions and then they become disobedient towards the way God says we should live. Forgiveness is the key to getting set free.

There are three types’ plain rejection, self rejection and fear of rejection. The opposite of rejection is love. Rejection is very common, with most people suffering from it in some degree. When rejection enters you can be wary of trusting anyone in a relationship with you that could cause you further hurt and rejection. So you hold back and that could allow a " fear of rejection" to come in.

You may have heard people say “I don’t know what is wrong with me that makes that other person not like me” That is a spirit of "self rejection" operating, that happens when you start to think something is wrong with you and you dislike yourself. When this happens you do not believe what God says about you, you are not trusting in him and that is rebellion. To God you are a treasure, his mind is ever upon you, and He says you are a royal priesthood, a son or daughter of the King. Jesus is always interceding for us before the Father as He loves us so much, we are precious in his sight, a jewel in his crown, a precious diadem. God has not rejected you he adores you, with all his heart. Always focus on Gods love for you, be concerned with his thoughts for you and not what other people think of you and be filled with his love and peace.


When we hold unforgiveness in our hearts from rejection and don’t deal with it we can allow a root of bitterness to enter. Bitterness comes into our life because we don’t extend the same grace and forgiveness that God has for us, towards the person who has hurt us. With bitterness can be spirits of unforgiveness, resentment, anger, murder, violence, and temper.

I became bitter throughout my marriage because I was rejected for becoming a Christian. It was Satan’s aim to destroy me through rejection. I was starved of all love which led to internal agony which in turn led to bitterness because of hurt and anger. Satan’s aim was to destroy me through this, to keep me bound in chains, to put a stop to me growing in Christ, gaining freedom and ultimately working the works of Jesus.

Fortunately God performed a supernatural work in me and saved me from this situation, healing my wounds, enabling me to forgive and freeing me from all the chains. It has been a journey and a learning experience. It has taken some time for me to be able to talk about the situation without it affecting me emotionally. I would receive prayer and healing and still felt emotional each time I talked about the divorce. God has taken me on a journey over a two year period to get to the point now through healing and deliverance , where I can talk about it without it affecting me emotionally, The hurt and anger needed to come out also spirits of rejection and not feeling good enough. That is what bitterness does; it will keep the memory of the hurts alive in your mind, it keeps you angry and hurt.

There are many other demons that take root because of these three main demons. Bitterness can cause cancer, arthritis and ulcers and healing may need to take place for these too. Addictions can become a source of comfort because of rejection, but instead leads us further on a downwards spiral. There is only one way to become all we are meant to be and that is to yield to God, trust him, he loves you so much, he has made provision for you in every way but it is up to us to accept that, pick up the weapons of our warfare and fight for our freedom in this battle.

We need to remember that God says vengeance is his; he will deal with the hurts and pains so we don’t have to. When we make God the Lord over all of our life, we will want only to please him and do what is right before God, that is how we are able to choose to forgive the person who has wronged us and extend the same grace that Jesus has for us, and take the hurt to the foot of the cross knowing that we can trust our God and In return God will give us his peace and comfort us


Rebellion is the opposite of obedience it is a spirit of disobedience to God. Rebellion of Gods commandments is not putting your trust in God and believing his word, it is disobedience to Gods authority. With rebellion can come in spirits of self will, stubbornness, disobedience, and anti Christ.

We see this spirit operating in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve listened to Satan instead of trusting in God. It is this rebellious nature that disobeys God and man goes his own way relying on himself, thinking that he knows best, this is pride and with pride comes a fall because you are separating yourself from Gods wisdom.

We need to become children of God who listen for his voice and are obedient to God knowing that what ever God brings our way it is for the best even though it may not seem it at the time, it is knowing we have a loving father who means only good for us, sometimes it may not look like it is good when we go through troubles, but when we keep our eyes focused on God trusting him in everything, we see eventually that the outcome is good and we could have never worked out the situation as well as he has in our lives. Put your trust in God today knowing his ways are better than our own, and he has only good things planned for you. Step into the authority given to you in Jesus name put on your armor, forgive those who have caused you hurt and cast out those demons that have bound you and trust in Gods wisdom.